A Huge Happy House Holiday Train Thank You!

Jan 22, 2020

In the last months of 2019, Happy House ran its now customary Christmas fund raiser. The purpose is simply to go out and buy gifts for at-risk and otherwise poor children who would otherwise have very little during this season.

This last year exceeded our expectations. In fact, the donations  more than doubled from the previous year!

So many people of goodwill happily helped. And the results with the kids were great!  We also combined this party with a graduation ceremony of the kids who completed the Good Choices Program at local LAPD stations. It is not a coincidence that Jr. Cadets and Cadets at these stations are the same at-risk children who successfully do our program. But now, we are also helping to validate kids that are actively working to improve their lives and make Good Choices!

Again, on behalf of Nancy and the Happy House Team Thank YOU!




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