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Good Choices Successes

The Good Choices Program has been delivered in public schools, private schools, youth groups and home school programs with excellent results.

Below are results and successes from some of the recent program graduates.

“I came to this wonderful country when I was 20 years old, but I was never able to attend school at that time because my boss told me that he brought me here to work not to study. Later, I got married and I became a mother of two wonderful children. Time went by and my younger son started preschool. When I met Carol I was attending to ESL classes at my son’s elementary school in Sun Valley.

At that time Carol came to our school to give a course on Grammar with the purpose of teaching parents the different parts of speech and their use, so they could help their kids at home. I took the course and after that I also attended the Learning How to Learn, the Way of Happiness and Phonics and after a few years I also helped Carol to provide these courses. During this time a learned a lot, and I used everything I learned to help my children improve in their academic areas. Later, I decided to take time to go back to school.

Definitely, these courses helped me through the different academic areas I had to accomplish to graduate from high school. I used Grammar in reading and writing courses and Learning How to Learn in all the different subjects. It took me one year to finish high school when it’s a program that sometimes take 3 to 4 years to finish the teachers were totally amazed!

Now, I’m a proud high school graduate from North Valley Occupational Center, and I’m planning to attend Valley College in a near future. My main goal is to become a physical therapist, and I know I can achieve my goal because I have the bases, which are Grammar and Learning How to Learn. Thank you Carol!MD


This wonderful success story came from a student who really did not want to be in a class doing the Good Choices Program. When she arrived she was troublesome and interrupted the class and other students.

But as the class went on the materials seemed to strike a chord.

Her note to Carol Loweree on completion was a heart-melter.

“I would like to take this opportunity to recognize both the youth and staff at the Starbird Youth Center. I would like to recognize the kids who continuously go to the Youth Center after school to keep themselves out of trouble and away from gang activity. I wanted to reward them for their good choices and constant efforts to better themselves. I would also like to recognize the fantastic work that the Starbird Youth Center Staff has been doing to the youth of San Jose. I applaud your continued dedication in providing the best possible community activities and programs to the youth of District 1.”

Pete Constant Councilmember, District 1 Community United San José

I learned that instead of doing drugs, drinking or joining a gang you can join a basketball team or become a fireman. Just something to keep you away from doing something that will change your life in a bad way. You could make the choice of going to prison or becoming successful. The thing I liked most was being able to make a good choice. And by joining this program, I have changed how I make my choices. – CR

What I learned this summer is to make good choices. In this program I learned that I should not get in gangs or in bad stuff. This program taught me so much because I used to think that gangs were cool and I wanted to get in one when I grew up. Now that I came to this program I don’t want to join a gang anymore. Thank You. – PP

I have had an amazing time working and engaging with these students every week. They have such a flair and love for life that affects me positively in the best way. I want to make a difference in the lives of future generations! The partnership is beneficial for SCU students because working with low-income Latino children provides a unique opportunity to give back to the less privileged communities surrounding our school. The volunteer work involves homework help and playing sports with the kids. The kids are incredibly grateful for Santa Clara volunteers, as homework help at home is insufficient. Often, the children’s mothers will stay to learn from their child’s homework. So the Alma Youth Center not only helps youth but their parents as well. Makes me more aware of the lives and situations of these kids and those like them. I will always work to help these groups. Thank you for providing such a rich community based learning opportunity for our students. — Program Director, Community-based Learning, Ignatian Center for Jesuit Education, Santa Clara University

I learned that we need to make good choices. I learned that I should not get stuff that’s not mine. I learned to always floss your teeth. I also learned never to get in a gang. – AM


I read through the book and loved it. This is the exact thing that we wanted to present to the kids. The kids really do need a good moral compass. This program is so hands on and this is why I participated in every class because I really wanted to learn how it works and how it’s delivered. It’s so fun to see how the kids interacted and they’re so excited, and I love that. Today when we passed out the papers and asked the kids what they got out of the program, some of the responses were beautiful. Throughout the week we talk about what they’ve learned during the program and I get kids that come up to me and tell me how one of the kids is bullying another kid and feel he should be stopped. So they really remember the lessons and talk about it throughout the week. That’s why I know it’s working. C.B., Program Director

I love the successes from our children that enrolled in the Good Choices class. What a great opportunity for us to impact our children in a positive way. They really need to know the possibilities available to them once they make the right choice! Thank you for bringing this program to our club. It sure seems to be impacting our kids greatly. D.R., Program Executive

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