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Happy House Good Choices® Character Building Program

home-kids2Children begin to develop social habits starting at an early age. At the core of learning the social skills they need to get along with others are the choices they make every day. The Good Choices Program is designed to help children learn to respect each other, their teachers and their parents so they can get along better with others and get a head start in life.

Respect, honesty, responsibility and caring

For a child growing up in today’s world, learning to take responsibility for his mistakes or how to respect his peers are not always lessons taught in the home. Educators and youth group leaders are faced with children who lack an understanding of moral principles to guide their lives in a positive direction. The Good Choices Character Building Program provides an effective means of character education to fill that void.

An effective character education program

The Good Choices Character Building Program is built around the 21 chapters of the book How to Make Good Choices. Each of these chapters contains principles designed to foster honesty, responsibility, respect and caring by showing children how they can make good choices and how their choices will affect themselves and others.

The program engages the students in activities that challenge them to make decisions about situations they face in life. In this way, children are taught to evaluate right from wrong as well as the consequences of their actions.

About Our Program

The Good Choices program is easy to use and can be customized to fit the needs of your children.

Each of the 21 lessons comes with a series of lesson plans and games for different age brackets (7-9 year-olds, 10-11 year-olds and 11-13 year-olds). You can choose lessons designed to address the values that most need improvement in your kids, or create additional lesson plans of your own to expand their learning.

  • Curriculum is available in booklet form and audio book
  • Engaging activities and lesson plans help your children learn to apply principles immediately
  • Program is age-appropriate with lesson plans customizable for children aged 7 to 13
  • How to Make Good Choices is based on The Way to Happiness® booklet, published in over 100 countries and in over 90 languages.


The kids had a blast learning what happens when you mix different things together – it’s called Chemistry!

Bringing in the Arts!

Bringing in the Arts!

Many of our students aren’t normally able to enjoy the pleasure of creating art, so we brought in some projects to help them CREATE!

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