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Happy House Santa Clarita leaders Miriam and Alana QuigleyIt is never too young to teach a child how to make good choices! This is what Miriam Quigley found when she began a new Happy House Chapter in Santa Clarita, California.

Miriam has been delivering the Happy House Good Choices® program at her daughter’s charter school. The results have been wonderful.

I’ve been very fortunate to deliver How to Make Good Choices lessons to Kindergarten & 1st grade students at the Santa Clarita Valley International school. The kids watched an introductory video followed by a discussion on the importance of keeping their space clean & neat and how they can improve the environment.  As a practical, they went to other classrooms, the school lobby and the playground finding and taking notes of what was out of place. Throughout the practical they put things in the right place, picked up trash, organized books, markers and so on to fix it.

It’s a win-win to instruct our little ones in How to Make Good Choices from an early age.  Not only do they individually benefit from the lessons but so do their peers, the school, their parents and, eventually, the world.

My daughter, Alana, is my assistant during the lessons. She is a 1st grader at the the school and is very helpful. I am so proud of her and love her dedication and efficiency throughout the whole process.

I appreciate the receptivity of Miss Elsa and Miss Marilyn in SCVi for continually engaging parents in activities that enrich and nurture our little ones. And I thank the program Happy House Good Choices for the magnificent program created specifically for our little ones.

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