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IMG_5824For many businesses, corporations and individual patrons, sponsoring the Happy House Good Choices Character Building Program in their local areas is an investment in the future of their communities. A community grows as its members grow, and the education of kids and teens can be an eye-opening index of what the future will be like. While academic standards may address reading and math, a strong character building program is a vital component of a well-rounded education but funding for this is often not available. You can change that through sponsorships that provide vital funds for the Good Choices Program.

How to sponsor the Good Choices
Character Building Program

The Good Choices Character Building Program can be delivered in schools, after-school youth groups or even by parents in home school programs. And anyone who wants to improve the character education of children can donate materials to help a local school, group or home school program start on the Good Choices Program now.

You can select the specific schools or groups you would like to have as the beneficiary of your sponsorship, or you can donate materials to help a specific city or community in need.

Your donation will include all the materials necessary to deliver the program, plus online support for the teachers, leaders or parents delivering the program. This gives them 24-hour access to get questions answered, download additional activities and lesson plans and share their experiences with other teachers and group leaders across the country who are taking part in the Good Choices Program.

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Fundraising Tips

Many businesses support local youth groups and schools and will be eager to help make the Good Choices Program part of the curriculum at your school or group.

You can start by making the staff or owners of a given company familiar with the Good Choices Program by visiting them in person or directing them to visit our website. You can also contact our central office for handouts and promotional materials to help you get the program going in your area.

Find out who in the company is responsible for community donations – usually there is one person who oversees this or will be the final decision maker. If possible, arrange to speak directly to him or her in person. Then follow up with a warm letter giving the specifics of your request and let the person know what the benefits will be from implementing the Good Choices Program that you are asking them to sponsor. You can also follow up a few days later with a friendly phone call to inquire about the status of your request.

Once you have secured sponsorship, be sure to appropriately thank the business or patron who is sponsoring the program. This can be in the form of a thank-you letter, or better yet, letters from the kids who stand to benefit from the program, sharing their thanks in the form of good choices they have made in life as a result of doing the program.

Be sure to give credit to your sponsors when entering contests or holding community events as part of the Good Choices Program. After all, they made the good choice to help you get started in the first place!

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