The Growth of the Good Choices Program

Nov 8, 2022

Love and Help Children

The Good Choices program not only teaches the students how to live a life filled with better choices but it also promotes helping others. Cadets, having gone through the program and are old enough, can become Cadet Trainers! They now help the younger Jr. Cadets through the program.

A few of the successes:

Andy A. 11th grader assessment scores: Math Was Grade 1 and reading Grade 1.5. With 3 hours of tutoring came up to Grade 3 in both subjects. Zahaire C. 10th grader assessment scores: Math Was Grade 5 and reading Was Grade 7. With 6 hours of tutoring, math went up to Grade 7 and after 2 hours, reading went up to Grade 9. Perala. 6th grader assessment scores: F in English. With 5 hours of tutoring the grade moved up to a C. And we are still working with several young adults who have many more success stories with the same amazing results! The Good Choices program is not JUST for kids. Over 100 parents have graduated the program as well. An LAPD officer mentioned that the kids that have graduated the Good Choices program have never had to do a parent conference for making bad choices!!!

Your help every year has been an integral part of making all this happen. Every donation helps!


“Working with the LAPD for the past 15 years has been such an amazing experience. Not only have the kids done better at home, but their grades have improved at school simply by being more aware of ‘right vs. wrong’. And, to top it off, their parents are now able to do the classes too, thanks to the volunteerism in the community. Congratulations one and all!! Keep up the good work!! So glad you are happy and doing better!”

Love, Nancy Cartwright






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