Happy House Trains LAPD Mission Division Parents to Help With Their Children’s Studies

Jul 9, 2019

Recently dozens of parents of children involved in the LAPD Mission Division Cadet and Jr. Cadet programs were given a primer about study and education. LAPD asked Happy House president, Carol Loweree, to deliver the seminars.

The responses were simply amazing. Here are three success stories that have been translated.

“This class helped me understand different ways of how a student can get stuck academically and this system help to lift us to the level where we can HELP the student (my children)! Y.V.

“This was a very good class which showed us basic ways that we can help our children but make us interesting and FUN! Talking to our children instead of YELLING is a better way to help” E.M.

“I really LIKED this class! I learned how to help my children when the are showing signs that they are having trouble instead of getting frustrated. I saw that if they don’t understand a word or get confused with what they are doing it will stop them from learning. I feel I have some tools which will make our home a bit more peaceful” L.A.

There are literally dozens more just like these. We look forward to lots of stellar report cards.


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