Chapter 19: The Gauntlet Game

Chapter 19. Try Not to Do Things to Others That You Would Not Like Them to Do to You.
Chapter 20. Try to Treat Others as You Would Want Them to Treat You.

(This can be used to illustrate both sides of this question.)

Game: The Gauntlet

Get the kids to form two lines facing one another with an aisle between them through which a person will walk.

Give each participant a chance to walk down the aisle/gauntlet several times in a row.

Each time you change what the people on the outside, the two lines facing inward, do.

Have them applaud and scream in congratulation for the person.

Have them turn their backs and whisper.

Have them yell at them.

Have them cower in fear.

The outside lines always act in unison but can work together to deliver the attitude that is being directed at the walker.

You can have them:

  • Bow as to a king.
  • Laugh at in derision
  • Ask for an autograph

Pretty much anything you can think of.

Always end each trip with one of the more positive experiences.


  • What was it like when _____ ? (Having noted a pretty strong response.)
  • How did it feel when ____?
  • Did you like being on the outside or doing the walking?


It’s all about how others treat you and how that affects one.

CONCLUSION: Ask them if they can recall times they have been in a group that treated someone badly.  Or if they had treated someone well. Tell them to practice treating others well and encouraging their friends to do so too.

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