Chapter 21: Do Well and Succeed

Tim was a builder but no matter what he made up or how he did it, his big brother always made fun of him.

If he built a fort made of old wood, his brother would laugh and kick it down.

If he drew a diagram of a new house, his brother would scribble over it.

If he made a paper model of a tower, his brother would pour water on it.

Tim loved his brother but he also really hated what his brother would do whenever he created something.

No one in the family really seemed to think it mattered.  His mom wouldn’t help and his dad wasn’t around, so his big brother was the man of the house.

One day he went out to a secret place in the back of the garage and he built a giant model of a city.  It had tall buildings, official looking buildings and roads.  It might have been a place on Mars or another planet.  It was beautiful and very unusual.

When he worked on it he forgot everything else and so he didn’t notice his brother behind him, watching him.  Finally, Tim realized he was very hungry and he went inside.

His brother hid behind the car and when Tim was gone he took a long look at the city and he picked up a shovel and destroyed it.

What should Tim do?

  • Attack his brother for destroying his creation
  • Call the cops
  • Make his mother stop the brother
  • Give up building
  • Keep building

What would you do?

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