Chapter 4: Help Other Children

Trey was the oldest of 5 kids. Sometimes he liked being the oldest because he got to stay up later than his brothers and sisters; but other times he didn’t like being the oldest. He was always the one who had to help his little brother with his homework, help his little sister get dressed and always the one who got blamed whenever things didn’t go right. This just wasn’t fair.

One day Trey was at the mall with his brothers.  They were much younger than he was but his mom sent them off because it was too noisy at home. Trey, Kyle and Brandon were having lunch when Trey heard a kid crying.  At first it was no big deal.  Kids cry all the time.  But this time it was different. Trey looked around and noticed a lady holding a baby.  The baby was crying really loudly.  The mother kept yelling at the baby to be quiet. That wasn’t working.

Trey soon realized that the baby was too young to talk.  The baby couldn’t even tell his mother that he was hungry or sleepy or needed his diaper changed. Trey knew about all that because he had helped his brothers and sisters his whole life.

What should Trey do?

  • Ignore it and walk away.  It is none of his business.
  • Walk up to the mother and tell her that she shouldn’t talk to her baby like that. “No one talks to you like that. How would that feel if you were that little and someone was yelling at you?”
  • Tell the Security Guard.
  • Call the police.

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