Happy House Good Choices Program Completions in San Jose

Feb 24, 2014

At-risk children from the local area completed the Happy House Good Choices program at the Starbird Youth Center in San Jose, California this week.

Read what some of the graduates had to say about their experiences in the program:

“There is always someone that try’s to bring you down but never listen to them and follow your dream.” RM- 12

“Be healthy, brush your teeth every day.  Exercise too. The Way to Happiness is to be healthy. Set a good example, little kids want to be just like their brothers, sister or father. Also, show them whats good or whats bad. The Way to Happiness doesn’t include cheating, stealing and breaking the law.”  AV – 13

“Don’t take drugs! This is one of the most important rules. So is not killing anyone and treat others how you want to be treated.  Respecting others and doing well to succeed are my main rules. Good Choices has taught a lot of good traits.” PS -13

“Lastly, I will try my best to do well and succeed. I will follow the ideas in this book and ignore the people who don’t believe in me accomplishing my goals.” AT – 18


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