Lucha Libre Wresters Deliver an Anti-Bullying Message

Apr 12, 2013

Professional Lucha Libre wrestlers visited the Happy House Community United Starbird Youth Center to deliver an anti-bullying message during a class on How to Make Good Choices based on the Way to Happiness. Astonishingly, the biggest and most famous of these wrestlers revealed that he himself had been bullied as a child.

Chapter 21, “Do Well and Succeed,” teaches the youth to ignore the bullies, walk away and follow your own goals in life and be successful. Their message? Tell someone and if that person doesn’t do something, tell someone else who will! Wow! These two messages made the perfect, workable combination—which resonated with the kids!

It turns out that these big guys are really looked up to (not just literally) by the kids. And to paraphrase the Channel 5 reporter, their appearance as messengers was every bit as important as the message itself.

Even better, this message not only went to the kids at the Starbird Youth Center, but to the whole San Jose-San Francisco area!


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