Chapter 1: Keep Clean “Germs”


  • Go to a store that has packing supplies and get a mid-sized bag of packing “popcorn.”  Those Styrofoam balls shaped like popcorn. Try to find green ones, they are the best for this.

In the program:

While in front of your group working on Chapter One, pick up the bag and pull out a wad in your hand.   Fake a big sneeze and blow the stryo all over someone.   Then another.  This is guaranteed to get a fun reaction.  After you do it few times adding in coughs and sneezes ask them what they represent…

You will get the response: “Germ!”

Ask them why it’s important not to spread germs.  Ask them some ways that germs are spread and how to prevent that.

Mention that sometimes we don’t always take the time to wash our hands after using the bathroom.

Get a volunteer and ask her or him to take the bag of popcorn and, with some in hand, go around and shake hands, touch people, objects etc.

Really “spread” the germs.

(You’ll have some clean up, but it’s worth it!)

This really helps them to get how it’s important to wash your hands.

Download a copy of this lesson plan:


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