Chapter 1: Take Care of Your Teeth

Ask for two volunteers to come up front. Ask them to say Hello to the group and introduce themselves. Have one, A, pretend that he or she forgot to brush their teeth that morning and the other, B, is a friend. Then have them pretend they are meeting up before school and play out “the scene.” This can be a very short section.

Acknowledge them with a “good” or “thank you” then ask them to imagine that instead of forgetting for just that morning, it’s been three days since A brushed his teeth and have them do it again. However they play it out, acknowledge them.

Tell them we are now going to switch which of them forgot to brush teeth so B is now the one who forgot to brush teeth and have them do the scene again, roles reversed.

Always acknowledge what they do.

Ask for two more volunteers, C and D.

Tell them we’re going to pretend it’s later in the day. New volunteer D is now playing out meeting up with B and his bad breath for the first time that day. Meanwhile, A and C get together and have them gossip about B’s bad breath.

Then, have A and C “spread” the news into the group, gossiping about B’s bad breath.

Whatever they do, be sure and acknowledge their efforts.

Have the volunteers return to their seats and get applause for them.

Then ask the group:

(Get lots of answers to these questions)

  • What else could you do if a friend came up to you with bad breath?
  • What would you want someone to say to you and how could they say it?

If the group is doing well with the acting, you can have volunteers come up and play out the answers they give to these questions.

Download a copy of this lesson plan:


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