Chapter 10: Support a Government Run for All the People

Allison was sick and tired of all the arguing and name calling.  It seemed that all she heard around election time was mean talk and cocky acting people.  It infected everyone including her parents and neighbors and she had friends who wouldn’t hang out with other friends because of who their parents voted for.

What this had to do with a free country she just didn’t know.

Then it went from bad to worse because there was talk now of changing the government, making it so everyone had to think a certain way.  They called it by different names like “Patriotism” and “Citizenship” but what it really seemed like was some kind of test.  If you failed it you couldn’t vote and you wouldn’t get the same treatment as everyone else.

Politicians from all sides were lining up for this, agreeing with it and arguing about who should figure out the questions for the test.  It seemed to Allison as if everyone had gotten just a little bit crazy.

What should she do?

  • Let her parents handle it, she can’t vote yet anyway.
  • Go along with the majority.
  • Ignore it because it’s just stupid talk anyway.
  • Get out and protest in the streets.
  • Find out who is behind it and figure out what to do about it.

What would you do?

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