Chapter 9: Don’t Do Anything Against the Law

The big test was coming up and I felt okay about it.  I knew I didn’t know everything and I wasn’t as good in the math as I was in the reading but I would do okay.

Then that new kid from out of town who everyone thinks is so cool starts telling people he can “trust” that he has the answers to the test.

I don’t know how he got them but he’s sneaky so he probably stole them somehow.

If I had the answers I would Ace it.  It would really help me with my parents because they would think I was so smart and would be proud of me.

But I know it’s cheating.

What should I do?

  • Turn the boy in?
  • Take the test without the answers but don’t get involved?
  • Get the answers but don’t really use them, just see if I know it as well as I think I do.
  • Let them take the test and then tell on them, it’s not real unless it happens.
  • I’m not sure what’s best.

What would you do?

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