Chapter 14: Be Worthy of Trust Games

One simple exercise for being worthy of trust would be:

  • Everyone take off their shoes and form a circle with all feet in the center.  It is more like a “ring”.
  • Have one person stand in the middle of the “circle of feet” with his/her arms crossed in front of his/her chest.  Everyone else is seated around with their arms/hands up and ready to catch the guy in the middle.
  • Someone gently pushes the fellow in the center so he falls into the hands of those surrounding him.
  • They toss his body around and around, eventually building up speed.

This game is a blast!  It is a total “trust” game and really fun to do, no matter what age.

Another “Trust” game is:

  • Divide the group into pairs.
  • “A” stands with his back to “B” and then fall backwards into “B’s” arms.
  • Start with very little “fall space”.  Catch “A” after only one-foot of falling.
  • “B” opens the space between “A” and where “the catch” is—eventually “A” falls straight back, almost to the ground, with “B” catching him/her.

This is best to do on a mat, in case “B” loses his/her grip or the weight of “A” is a bit too much.

This is another hugely fun exercise/game.

Download a copy of this lesson plan:


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