Chapter 15: Obligations

Lindsey couldn’t take it anymore.  She had too much to do and just didn’t see how she was going to get it all done.  There was school, tests, dance classes, birthday parties and she was saving for a trip to Disneyland.

What’s worse is that she had promised she would do other things.  She had told her best friend that she would donate to a new animal shelter.  She had promised her brother that she would help him with his homework.  She had spent all her money on a new iPod and now she couldn’t pay her fiend back the $40 she had borrowed.

She didn’t even have time to walk her dog everyday and her agreement to do that was the only reason her Mom had agreed to let her have a puppy.

Lindsey wanted to figure out some way to handle all this stuff but she also wanted to just tell everyone to leave her alone.  She had done lots to help people already and she had walked her dog many times.

Why did her Mom have to keep bugging her about it? Her friend didn’t need the money and why should she have to help her brother with his homework?

She was at the end of her rope and didn’t even want to get out of bed.

What should she do?

  • Send an email announcing how she is simplifying her life and will be doing a lot less.
  • Avoid everyone who wants something from her
  • Meet with each person and explain things and work out a plan.
  • Get her Mom to handle it for her

What would you do?

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