Chapter 16: Getting Things Done

Get ‘Er Done

Trip was always on time.  He always got it done, no matter what it was.

It didn’t matter if the project was big or small.

“You want me to set up your new computer?  No worries.”

“You need the weeds whacked around your garden?  I got that.”

“You want some breakfast?  I’ll make pancakes for you and everybody.”

Then his cousin Dorian came to town.  Everybody liked Dorian and his Mom said stuff like he was “charming.”

Trip noticed that somehow Dorian managed to avoid all work.  He got everyone to do things for him and he did so with his “charming” smile.

Trip too started wonder, as he weeded, programmed and cooked if it all mattered.  “Hey, if I can just smile and get everyone to do everything, why should I bother?”

He was getting pretty unhappy about it and he had always been a happy dude.

What should he do?

  • Start smiling and see if he can get others to do the work.
  • Just forget about it and keep doing what he’s always done.
  • Point out to his mother that Dorian is lazy and refuse to help until Dorian does.
  • Get Dorian off the couch one way or the other and get him helping.

What would you do?

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