The International Day of Happiness Comes to Columbus, Ohio

Apr 4, 2015

Monique Williams, head of the Columbus Happy House Mentoring group, helped forward the United Nations International Day of Happiness (officially set for March 20th every year) with a variety of activities.

Monique Williams attended the Spring Sports Banquet  at the Linden Recreational Center (where she delivers the How to Make Good Choices (based on The Way to Happiness) Program. 

Granville Waiters, former basketball star athlete who played for Portland, Indiana, Houston and then the Chicago Bulls (yes, he played with Michael Jordan!), was the keynote speaker for the event. Granville owns several preschools in the Linden-Columbus area, and is a good friend to Linden’s fine Executive Director, Mr. Pace.  Monique gifted Granville with The Way to Happiness and How to Make Good Choices booklets prior to his talk, and here you can see Granville speaking to the kids and parents holding his new books!

Monique and her daughter Suzanne distributed The Way to Happiness and How to Make Good Choices around town to help directly forward the message of the Day of Happiness, warming hearts on a chilly March day.





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