A Message to My Bully

Mar 26, 2019

A Message to My BullyIn addition to LAPD Foothill and Mission community police stations, the Good Choices Program is now also in use at the LAPD 77th Street station. About 45 Cadets and Jr. Cadets are doing the program.

Recently an extraordinary success story came in that we have to share with you.


As we moved through the different precepts of How to Make Good Choices, we arrived to “Set a Good Example.” We took the time to really make sure the kids saw how their own actions effect those that are younger than them, how others peoples actions effect them, and what they should do about people who set bad examples. The class was told to let us know if they would like a copy of this book to give to someone they thought should set a better example. A group of the children raised their hands, requesting extra books, including one boy by the name of lsaick.

The Class continued until it was time to end. As the kids left, I noticed one book had been written on by one of the kids. When I asked him about this, I found out that the note he wrote was actually a personal note he wrote for a boy who had been a bully to him in the past. The following was his note:

“Dear Nathan, I hope you read this booklet because you need to be more happy and more calm. So I hope after you read this, your life will be way easier. Sincerely, lsaick”


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