Delphi Kids Help Prep for South LA Peace Ride

Nov 26, 2016

Volunteers at the Delphi School in Lake View Terrace helped Happy House President Carol Loweree prep 150 gift bags for kids in South LA for an upcoming Peace Ride. The bags include things like socks, school supplies, chips, stickers and drinks and the booklet How to Make Good Choices.

Peace Rides in South LA have been an on-going project for many months now, happening on the 4th Sunday of every month this year. Nancy Cartwright and Happy House have been enthusiastic participants for the past few months.

Participants include bikers, low riders, a corvette club and exotic car owners as well as people who just want to help, all escorted by LAPD officers to allow the group to sail through intersections. Routes take the group through some of the most crime ridden and poverty stricken neighborhoods in the region. In pre-planned locations, the entire motorcade stops and people roam the area handing out The Way to Happiness booklets and the bikers hand out  the gift bags to the children in the area.

These Peace Rides have been statistically shown to reduce crime within the areas they operate. Visit the website to find out how you can help.


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