Happy House Good Choices Kids in Columbus Set a Good Example

Feb 14, 2013

Here are some pics from Columbus Happy House Mentor, Monique Williams, and her Good Choices Kids from Linden Recreational Center in Columbus, Ohio.

The first pic has Monique Williams and the kids outside the Nursing Home, which they visited Feb 12th. The second pic is a shot of Holly, the magnificent Art Teacher from Linden Rec Center. The kids made scores of beautiful long stem flowers with Holly’s help, and visited the residents of the home as coordinated by Monique, gifting each of them with a flower and a smile. The fourth pic is Carolyn, the Public Service Relations person at the Home, with the kids and their art!

The residents LOVED the visit and the gifts, and the kids surely put numerous Good Choices precepts into action from Set a good Example to Honor and Help your Parents to Help Others Who have Helped You, and Treat Others as You Would Want them to treat you! We hear there’s a plan in the works for Easter! Hat’s off GC Columbus kids!


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