Good Choices Wins from John Glenn High School

Jul 20, 2018

We thought everyone would love to hear the wins of High School Teacher, Saxty Soto—also leader of the Happy House Norwalk Chapter—from running the Good Choices program as part of her summer school curriculum.

As my Summer School Year comes to an end, I would like to take this time and tell you some of my many wins from the Good Choices program that I delivered during the summer.

  1. I had a new student and as I was observing him, I noticed that he had bad breath and long hair that he hardly washed or brushed. After showing the Way to Happiness video, the next day he came in with cut his hair and I immediately noticed that his teeth where clean.
  2. One morning after the Good Choices lesson we went into another topic about history, and as a class we were debating the validity about a part of history, and has the topic grew hostile, one of my students who did the Good Choices program last year stood up and stated “What’s true to you is true to you and No One Can Take that away.” He had learned that on the Good Choices program! ( One of my most proudest moments!)
  3. I also have a student who was a bit upset after watching the chapter on Trust. I found it she was upset because she was reminded of the many times her mom did not show up to one of her singing debuts for choir. That moment allowed me to open up to her and tell her the many times my parents disappointed me in the past. But after I saw this video I realized that I could have let them known how much it hurt me and that I can use my kind words to express my feelings. That perhaps my parents never knew why I was always upset at them, nor did they know the importance of being worthy of trust. I also told her that I now realize the true meaning of “being worthy of trust” because the video shows how important it is for one to be happy. I also told her that with that new data I now use this for my own parenting and not repeating my parents lack of understanding. The student after our talk told me that now she realized that she is not the only one that has gone through those kinds experience and that now she has an understanding that her feelings are valid and how she can express them moving forward in a more kinder and better way.

These are some of my many wins and I’m sure that I will have a lot more in my life.

The videos combined with the lessons not only allow me as a teacher to give the students information on how to live a happier life, it also allows me to have open discussions about their lives and finding sane solutions to better their way of life! I’m incredibly grateful to be part of this team that allows me to go beyond academic to better the lives of such beautiful children. —Saxty Soto, Teacher John Glenn High School


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