Happy House President Helps Parents Get Competent in English as a Second Language

May 25, 2018

Happy House President Carol LowereeHappy House’s President, Carol Loweree, wears a lot of hats. One of them is teaching ESL—English as a Second Language—classes for adults at local schools. Above is an image of Carol with the whole ESL Class plus the Director sitting next to her at East Valley High School. They also had a little member who has learned his Alphabet and it’s sounds by coming with his Grandmother!

The parents have made major progress in learning to communicate in English, It has given them confidence they’ve not had before. Many students told Carol that they have actually gone out to various appointments and have NOT asked for a translator but were willing to try and speak English themselves!

Carol was also given an award presented by the Parent Center Director on behalf of the School for volunteering as well as all the support given to them as a community member. She told the parents “When we need something we can ALWAYS count on Mrs. Loweree!” Thank you on behalf of ALL of East Valley High School.”



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