Literacy Program and ESL Success

Oct 1, 2017

Happy House President, Carol Loweree, has been running pilot programs with a new literacy booster program. One of the areas this program is being tested with is with English as a Second Language (ESL) students. Here is a recent success story from a graduate.

“I came to this wonderful country when I was 20 years old, but I was never able to attend school at that time because my boss told me that he brought me here to work not to study. Later, I got married and I became a mother of two wonderful children. Time went by and my younger son started preschool. When I met Carol I was attending to ESL classes at my son’s elementary school in Sun Valley.

At that time Carol came to our school to give a course on Grammar with the purpose of teaching parents the different parts of speech and their use, so they could help their kids at home. I took the course and after that I also attended the Learning How to Learn, the Way of Happiness and Phonics and after a few years I also helped Carol to provide these courses. During this time a learned a lot, and I used everything I learned to help my children improve in their academic areas. Later, I decided to take time to go back to school.

Definitely, these courses helped me through the different academic areas I had to accomplish to graduate from high school. I used Grammar in reading and writing courses and Learning How to Learn in all the different subjects. It took me one year to finish high school when it’s a program that sometimes take 3 to 4 years to finish the teachers were totally amazed!

Now, I’m a proud high school graduate from North Valley Occupational Center, and I’m planning to attend Valley College in a near future. My main goal is to become a physical therapist, and I know I can achieve my goal because I have the bases, which are Grammar and Learning How to Learn. Thank you Carol!

Mariecruz Deglado


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