Making Good Choices: My Name is Raul

Dec 26, 2013

The Happy House Community United Chapter in San Jose received the most amazing success story from a student. It is not only heart-warming and uplifting, it demonstrates how simple and effective The Way to Happiness and How to Make Good Choices are in creating positive change in a community.

Here is what Raul had to tell us.

My name is Raul. I am 13 years old and I live in San Jose. This past summer, I completed the Good Choices Program at the Starbird Youth Center. Not only did it help me, but it inspired me to help my family members in making good choices.

For instance, my cousin always wanted to try drugs. But after what I learned about drugs, I told him not to. At first, he didn’t seem to care. I then explained to him what I learned in The Good Choices Program, telling him that if he tried drugs, he could get addicted and this could ruin his chances in the future (he wanted to play football and soccer).

In the end, my cousin did not do the drugs. I am pretty sure he would have if I had not talked to him and explained what I learned.

I feel very lucky that the center is here for me and that I can go there every day. Before, I was just hanging out on the streets and getting involved in bad things, and was heading toward more trouble. But now, things are different. I am getting the help I need with my homework, I get to eat the food, and I learn a lot from the staff that work here.

Even my grades have improved and I am doing so much better now.

Thank you for keeping the center open after school for me and my friends. Otherwise, we wouldn’t have a safe place to go.



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