The Haunted Happy House

Nov 7, 2013

Nancy Cartwright and Happy House, along with LAPD 77th Officers and Clergy Council members, and community members hosted the Inglewood Scientology Community Center’s 1st annual “Haunted Happy House” event.

The Center was festive with Halloween décor throughout the 1st floor. There was also a wide variety of games in the café which kids and adults participated in throughout the night. A pumpkin pie eating contest grabbed the attention of many and the winners won bookmarks autographed by Nancy Cartwright. In the later part of the evening there was also a costume contest where the winners for this received t-shirts and other items autographed by Nancy.

Each trick-or-treater that came in received a goodie bag with an assortment of chips, chocolate, candies and their own copy of “The Way to Happiness, a common sense guide to better living “booklet.

In total there were 545 members of the community that came through the center within a 3 hour period. At any given time there were over 150 participating in one of the activities, walking through or simply hanging out in the lounge.

Community response was great, the following are some things that were said throughout the night.

  • ”Liked the creativity of the set up, the festive atmosphere with lots of community ppl and fun.”
  • “It was great. It brought in a lot of community interest and was well attended. Loved that it was well coordinated and good fun for both kids and adults.”
  • “It was nice. There was good prizes. People loved the pumpkin pie eating contest. Candy was good.
  • “It was awesome. Loved that there was actually good candy. Liked the lighting. loved the create with the decorations.”
  • “Liked the people and atmosphere and haunted creativity.”


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