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Achieving family improvement through education.

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Find out about what we do. We’ve been operating to help make better families for over 15 years. There’s a reason we’re called “Happy” House!

Good Choices Program

The Happy House Good Choices™ Program is helping children make their OWN good choices in Life! Isn’t that something all parents want?

The Way to Happiness Video Shorts

These videoes were produced to give a rapid introduction to the concepts covered in both The Way to Happiness and How to Make Good Choices booklets.

The Latest News

A Huge Happy House Holiday Train Thank You!

A Huge Happy House Holiday Train Thank You!

In the last months of 2019 Happy House ran it’s now customary Christmas fund raiser. The purpose is simply to go out and buy gifts for at-risk and otherwise poor children who would otherwise have very little during this season.

Kids helping Kids with Literacy

Kids helping Kids with Literacy

The Happy House Literacy Booster is designed to one thing: increase a person’s literacy—any person. It can help children just learning to read for the first time, students who missed certain steps in their path to literacy and even adults who have problems reading.

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