The Happy House Seattle Good Choices Kids’ Club at the 6th Annual Kent International Festival

May 31, 2014

Kent International Festival (KIF) is an amazing event dedicated to the celebration of heritage through diverse cultural cuisine, entertainment and exuberance. ‘Learn from Each Other’ is the motto we embrace in every aspect and activity to exhibit to those who live, work or worship in our area the value we place on celebrating diversity.

Kent, the most culturally diverse city in Washington, encompasses people from around the globe of all races, creeds and customs. Local students speak English; however there are 139 languages and dialects spoken here. There has been an influx of minorities over the past twenty years, and although students easily adapt, it’s more difficult for parents and grandparents to acclimate. KIF volunteers are dedicated to building a bridge across cultures by celebrating diversity and learning from each other.

The Good Choices Kids’ Club booth was nicely located right near one of the main exits/entrances.  The booth had several fun activities such as:

  • Drawing on our paper table cover.  People drew what makes them happy, cute messages and other creative art.  A lot of fun!  We had to re-paper the table 3 times!
  • Helping put together a 570 piece world puzzle.
  • Displaying a page of the word “happiness” in several languages.

The majority of the festival attendees participated in a fun game whereby you receive a festival passport and you go around to each booth to do an activity and get it stamped.  Once each booth is visited and stamped, it can be turned in for prizes!

When people visited the Good Choices Kids’ Club booth they had their choice of activities mentioned above, and they received either a How to Make Good Choices booklet or The Way to Happiness.

Here are a few highlights:

  • The Mayor of Kent (Suzette Cooke) attended the festival and stopped by the booth this year.
  • A lady came to the booth with two friends, saw The Way to Happiness and said, “You need this more than the pills.” and she got her two friends to take the booklets.
  • One family from Kenya stayed at the booth for some time while they put together the entire continent of Africa on the world puzzle.
  • Several people requested extra booklets to bring home to family and/or friends.
  • Avery and Sebastian participated in a Native American bear dance on stage.
  • Good Choices Kids’ Club leader Megan Humphries did an interview with Kent TV 21 about the group and the booth. Avery and Sebastian were interviewed as well!



  • Brandy Fisher
  • Jim Mahon
  • Sandy Vokey Rose
  • Paul Humphries
  • Megan Humphries
  • Heather Newby


  • Avery Humphries
  • Sebastian Humphries
  • Jack Newby



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