Bishop Harris Brings the FITE for Good Choices to Watts

Oct 4, 2012

On September 22, 2012, Happy House was a proud sponsor of  the For KIDS About KIDS Celebration hosted by  the  Victory in Christ Ministries “The Love Corner” at the  Laurel Street Missionary Baptist Church in the Watts area of Los Angeles.

The celebration was the brain child of Bishop Harris who leads the church and created this event to reach out to the community and bring them resources such as study skills, drug awareness as found in the Truth About Drugs Program and the Good Choices Program based on The Way to Happiness

Produced in conjunction with F.I.T.E. (Family Improvement Through Education) Foundation Founder, Carol Loweree, Mark Loweree, filmmaker, John Massey and the Inglewood Community Center’s Public Affairs Director, Ryan Hendricksen the families and children who participated in this program got useful tools for life that can keep them out of gangs and help them excel in school.

The three days preceding the event Carol Loweree held workshops with roughly 20 neighborhood youth on study skills, drug awareness and establishing a moral compass. The day of the fair was not only for the entire community but graduation certificates were presented Nancy to the students who participated in How to Make Good Choices, Study Skills for Life and The Truth about Drugs.

Carol describes the joy, “To see the light go on in each child when they realized three basics things:  It is best to make ‘good choices’ and  how to handle bullies and NOT be a bully, that they are not ‘dumb’ but needed to learn study skills, and lastly that they are now educated in the area of the Truth About Drugs so they can make a right choice regarding doing drugs or not. These children were shinning graduates on Saturday and celebrated by singing and dancing to ‘their own made up’ songs on stage!”

Happy House hosted a huge Arts and Craft booth run by the extraordinary Bobbi Brunoehler and her tremendous company, and entertainment was provided by The School Tour, Chico Urbano, Lil Nay Nay (10-year-old singer/actress) and Vivyan Castanon (15-year-old singer/dancer).


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