D’oh Nuts! The Simpsons Movie Night Under the Stars

Oct 8, 2012

On August 30th the West Valley LAPD hosted the first in what they plan to be a series of MOVIE NIGHTS FOR COMMUNITY! Nancy sponsored the event in Randal Simmons Park, which featured The Simpsons Movie shown on a first-class new projection screen and a big raffle. Nancy also signed some 50 autographs and the family audience reached a total of 150 plus.

The purpose of the event is to raise friendship and awareness between community members and police. “This is such a fun and really great event for this neighborhood!” said Nancy.  “I totally love this kind of evening and just having a good time. It reminds me of drive in movies!”

Captain Egan and Office Frank Avila had invited Nancy to sponsor the event and she surprised them with a box of special donuts! They were a HOME RUN hit!


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