Educating the Parents of At-Risk Children

Mar 13, 2017

Happy House is helping parents with at-risk children by applying Chapter 17 of The Way to Happiness, Be Competent.

Parents came to a seminar where they learned what causes someone to not do well in school and how this can get to the point where they can even drop out of school. The parents totally related to what has been happening to their children and feel they now have a tool to help their children to  be more competent.

At the end of the seminar each family was given a dictionary as a gift to help their children. Many had said they have always wanted one but couldn’t afford it. They were thrilled and were eager to start using it!

The ladies in the top photo had learned “Learning How to Learn’ and are now using those skills in learning English. Many mothers said that they have never been taught this way  and it’s been a BIG difference! They are realizing that they CAN learn and speak English now!


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