Happy House and the Peace Rides—Making a Real Difference

Dec 28, 2016

For a number of months now, Happy House has been working with the United in Peace “peace rides” in South Los Angeles. These rides are composed of local biker clubs, a low rider club, a corvette club and individual owners of exotic and not-so-exotic cars—people who genuinely care about their community. Along with this crew, LAPD sends a large contingent of officers and vehicles to escort the riders through intersections. That’s a major necessity since the ride can be close to a mile or more long just in participants!

To answer the obvious question of why: because these rides are having a major impact in crime reduction in the areas visited.

Before a ride happens, a direct mail package is sent into a targeted area. These packets include The Way to Happiness booklet—by author and Humanitarian L. Ron Hubbard—and a copy of the Million Man March Pledge—originally presented to hundreds of thousands of African-Americans in Washington D.C. on Oct. 16, 1995.

During a ride, there are stops along the way where riders and drivers dismount and hand out TWTH booklets to area residents and orange backpacks for kids that include TWTH booklet, How to Make Good Choices—the children’s edition—a MMM peace pledge and goodies, clothing and school supplies.

The joint community action between United in Peace, Happy House and the LAPD has proven quite successful in reducing crime—to an amazing 30–40% according to statics from the LAPD site.

The United in Peace rides are scheduled for the 4th Sunday of every month except December. All are invited to participate. Visit UnitedinPeace.org for more information.


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