Nancy Cartwright Delivers Anti-Bullying Message to 1000 High School Students

Feb 23, 2018

Nancy doing an anti-bullying announcement on the school PA system.

Happy House Founder, Nancy Cartwright, and Happy House President, Carol Loweree, visited the John Glenn High School in Norwalk, California last week.

Nancy made an announcement over the PA system that reached over 1,000 students. She read from the How to Make Good Choices booklet the Chapter 20 “Try to Treat Others as You Would Want Them to Treat You.” Recently the school has seen a spike in bullying. This chapter is the perfect tool to end bullying in any environment. 

Nancy then went and spoke up close and personal to the class of 40 that is going to do the Good Choices Program. She described the Good Choices Program and what they going to learn so that THEY don’t have to be the effect of bullies therefore NOT becoming one as well! 

Dictionaries were donated and passed out to all the students because they have been being taught to look up words they don’t understand. The kids purely loved this. It is important to note that the class Nancy and Carol were visiting is a “special education” class comprised of students who were considered the dregs of the school—uncooperative, unable to learn, etc. They are in fact all great kids.

Nancy dancing with students

The students then had a Q&A time with Nancy about her career and she rounded up the hour by DANCING with these SHY and introverted high school students!


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