Parents Do the Good Choices Program at LAPD Newton Station

Apr 29, 2018

Happy House president. Carol Loweree has been delivering the Good Choices program to children at the LAPD Newton station. One of the graduates a young girl told her mom that SHE was NOT making Good Choices!!! So this mother asked the Director if the parents could do the Good Choices program!

Here are the results!

I loved the Good Choices class because it teaches you a lot on how to care for and protect your children! For me now with these tools I can understand, support and teach them so that I can give them a better future! I used to think that these classes did not work but I can say in fact that this helped me a lot and  not a waste of time since now I was feel that I am closer to my family, not everything is “HAVING to go to work” Thank YOU!  —J. G.!  

Thanks so MUCH for this class! I learned many things like not have to be yelling at my children, having more confidence with other people. To be able to speak to my husband in a kinder way.  Also now I talk to my children as well as play games which I NEVER DID before!!! —M.V.

We think these are pretty cool successes!


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