Seattle Happy House Good Choices Kids Get-Up, Get-Out and Get EVERYBODY Moving!

Sep 28, 2012

The How to Make Good Choices Kids’ Club Seattle participated in the 2012 Celebrate Shoreline Parade on August 18, 2012. The theme this year was “Get-up, Get-out, Get moving”!  And that’s exactly what our 19 superkids and 8 adults did!!!

Check out the action of our 19 superstar kids and 8 superstar adults led by the incredible Megan Humphries: They blew bubbles, jumped rope, rode scooters, bikes, trikes, pulled a wagon, pushed strollers and handed out sports stickers and little toys for the kids watching the parade!

Along the parade route, our kids and adults gave out 701 The Way to Happiness booklets as gifts to the parade watchers! The booklets were very well received and many parents started reading them right away.  The Kids’ Club children made up a game of getting the booklets out to every person along the parade route and they had a lot of fun with it!!


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