Happy House Plays at Chatsworth Chamber Family Day

Sep 28, 2012

The Chatsworth Chamber of Commerce produced a fun day for families on September 15th filled with booths, food, games and music. Happy House and the Good Choices Program was proud to be a sponsor for the event and host a booth featuring the carnival game, The Big Valley. Simply by rolling a softball sized ball along two rails children of all ages were engaged in testing their skills and tuning in their effort to get the ball to land in The Big Valley.

“This really helped to popularize our booth,” said Executive Director of Happy House, Peter Kjenaas. “The organizers at the Chatsworth Chamber really hit on a great idea to bring the families out to the resource booths. It was a good choice and we appreciate good choices!”

Happy House passed out nearly 500 booklets and met hundreds of parents and children.  Nancy was able to get out for two hours in the heat of the afternoon and sign autographs and take some photo ops with the kids. “This was a really fun event,” said Nancy. “The kids are having so much fun with this simple but very challenging game and we can really meet and get to know the parents.”

In addition, Happy House raffled off a Bart basket and the winner is ALEX SILVA!!!!


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